4 Amazing Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

09 06 2022

Nowadays, strength training might have already become part of our life and every time when it comes to strength training, we always think of dumbbells or barbells, which are the most common workout tools either at home or in gyms. However, strength training with the same tools may only work on specific groups of muscles and if you are looking forward to a full-body increase, kettlebell training may be a good option for diverse exercises. If you're short on time to workout, your best bet is to do a "full body exercise", and the "kettlebell swing" is one of the best full body exercises.


4 amazing benefits of kettlebell swings

    Kettlebell swings can enhance muscle strength, muscular endurance and explosive power at the same time; strengthen the hips and the power chain behind the body, prevent sports injuries, improve hip explosiveness, one-handed Swing can also exercise our core and anti-extension, anti-rotation, anti-side ability to bend. The kettlebell swing can exercise the glutes, legs, core muscles, shoulders, and chest. It can be said to be a very classic training movement. The following is the main four benefits of kettlebell swings:


1. Can work effectively in a limited space

Compared with other heavy training equipment, kettlebells are much smaller in size and do not require too much space. Moreover, most of the movement modes are whole-body. The features of high efficiency and small size for people with limited living space makes it very practical training equipment.

2. Increase muscle endurance

Muscle endurance is your ability to produce submaximal muscle contractions over a long period of time. Using a light kettlebell, combined with short breaks, will help improve your muscle endurance. Your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, lower back, shoulders, arms, and core muscles all can get an effective workout during the kettlebell swing.

3. Help guide the squat position

When beginners learn to squat, they usually start with the goblet squat, or the kettlebell squat. The reason is that it can reduce the burden on the spine and make the resistance become smaller. The use of kettlebells to do squats can also help beginners more easily understand the neutral spine, knees and thighs outward position. Not only is it less effort, but it's also more adaptable to the intensity of squats.

4 amazing benefits of kettlebell swings

4. Strengthen physical explosive power and athletic ability


There is no doubt that explosive power is a vital point during workouts. If our strength is not promoted, it's hard to make progress in doing sports. Explosive power can also be improved by exercising the day after tomorrow. Although the kettlebell is relatively small, it is very easy to help people improve their sports ability, and the muscles will be more developed over time.


Key points of the kettlebell swing: ( the kettlebell swings showing video )


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the handle of the kettlebell in both hands. Keep your weight evenly distributed between your heels and forefoot. Bend your knees, squat in a quarter, and push your hips back. Lean forward and lower the weight between your knees. Keeping your arms straight, shoulders back, but not back, hips forward, and swing the kettlebell to your preferred height. Let gravity pull the kettlebell down as you push your butt back, bend your knees, and prepare for your next swing.

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